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I bought this bike as a “project” last year. The bike had been sitting in a dry garage for 20+ years, but was all there. I worked on it over the winter and it is now a sweet riding and dependable bike. It took lots of work, but is now in good shape. The seat and paint were not in good shape, so were refurbished. The engine did need some work, but is now OK. My goal was to refurbish the bike so that I can get another “project” to work on next winter. Clean Pennsylvania title in hand. Following is a partial listing of what was done to the bike:
New professional black paint
New pinstripes done by a professional striper (not tape)
New Bridgestone Spitfire tires on new stainless spokes
Newer rebuilt carbs installed
Cylinders honed with new piston rings
Replacement heads because originals showed evidence of a very bad valve job. They are dual plugged, but there are no electrics for the second plugs. Valves are good and have been lapped.
Replacement seat foam and cover – pan is OK
Frame, sub-frame and battery box have been powder coated gloss black
New wiring harness with fuses and new battery
Speedometer/tach rebuilt by Terry Vrla
New “Rocky Point” ignition switch with key modified to look original
Tank cleaned and coated with Redcoat
All bearings cleaned/lubed or replaced
New rear main seal and oil pump o-ring, splines lubed
All fluids replaced (filter too)


David Fish
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