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Topic-icon The 2019 BMW MOA rally is in Tennessee

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I've been a member for a couple of years now and my 3 week trip that ended in 2 days last year prevented me from getting to last year's in Des Moines. Now I'm determined and I'm scheduled to give a couple of presentations about Newfoundland at the rally. The vendor list is insane and there are seminars on all topics as well. I'm looking forward to doing a little volunteering including pouring beers in the beer tent. Should be fun. My ferry is booked and the bike is packed a little on the heavy side to set up in comfort down there. I did remember to crank up the preload a little. Liftoff.

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Anyway...the fun is over and I’m on my way home, sitting in the Montreal airport so I guess I should continue the story. Day one was Thursday, I was ready to go on my vintage bike dressed in vintage leather with vintage me. I was just about to roll out when I noticed one of my auxiliary lights was a hair loose so I went to the basement to grab a wrench. My helmet was on and flipped up so of course I hit my head on the stairs. I was an hour down the road before I realized the beak on my brand new Schuberth E1 wasn’t on the helmet. Damn! So it goes, at least it wasn’t too cold. I pinged townieglen to see if he remembered the range as it was his first bike, nope. First gas stop I filled my Giant Loop one gallon gas bag and was glad I had it when I ran out about 10 km’s shy of Deer Lake. Now I know reserve comes on around 270. Nothing else of note on the drone across the island, my leather was comfy and I felt fine on a bike I’d never ridden more than 3 hours before. Running gear was good so I felt good to go further and get on the boat.

Who ever takes pics of that 900 km run we all hate so much? Not me, until now.

So I hop back on to go to the boat, turn on the key and no power! Fuck! I start wiggling wires and looking for the relay all to no avail, I’m thinking my starter gremlin has finally killed it. This goes on for about 10 minutes when I realize the kill switch hidden behind the GPS was on. Idiot! All’s well that ends well, time to get a beer and on the boat.
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Day two starts as usual on the ferry, I was near the front with a full tank of gas as was glad to get off before the crowds, with a long day ahead of me I opted to take the main highway. My little bike was cruising along nicely at 120 on the GPS. The weather was good getting off the boat but I hit fog in Port Hawksbury and it didn’t let up until Antigonish. I came very close to pulling off to. Put on warmer gloves.

My hot idle was raving very high at 4500 and was really loud. I was having starter issues and as the day went on the gremlin would come out where when you hit the button there would be nothing. At the border the agent asked me to turn off the bike so I warned him it wouldn’t start again, he said he’d give me a push. Business concluded he certainly did give me a push for an easy bump start. Thanks dude.

I got to my friend Jerry’s in Pittsfield Maine in good time and had some good beer waiting for me. We shot the shit, had a cigar and pulled the starter switch to make sure that wasn’t the problem. Sadly no.

He and his wife kindly took me out for dinner, yummy burger topped with prime rib

This was a big day, I had a few aches and pains to show for it.
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