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Topic-icon 1983 R80RT Flywheel replacement

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5 days 8 hours ago #4948 by PTMillar
1983 R80RT Flywheel replacement was created by PTMillar
I received a new to me 1983 R80RT and after driving it approx 100 miles I stopped for gas and tried to start it and it made strange metal on metal noise. I suspected the starter got chewed up but when I took everything apart the starter is fine and the flywheel is spinning loose inside the clutch housing. I am new to Airheads and have little experience wrenching but I"m enthusiastic and determined to fix this myself. A few questions I had are:

Should I buy all new clutch parts? Included in the records I received from the previous owner it says that at mileage 85897 in October 2010 the transmission output shaft was replaced and the clutch was inspected and said to have minimal wear. The bike now has 96k miles 9 years later. I have ordered a new flywheel but wasn't sure if I'd need all new clutch parts.

I have been reading and re-reading everything snowbum has ever written about clutches and flywheels. I have ordered the necessary tools from Northwoods Airheads and I was going to try to keep an active log of my first (and fairly extensive) foray into airhead wrenching. Thanks to everyone who has supplied knowledge and advice here. I'm thrilled to be a member of the club.

The morning I picked the bike up.
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Getting into it to take the starter off.
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Flywheel spins freely and is not connected to anything.
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5 days 8 hours ago - 5 days 8 hours ago #4949 by Wobbly
Replied by Wobbly on topic 1983 R80RT Flywheel replacement
Ordering parts before the bike is disassembled is a good way to end up short on funds.

As a matter of routine, whenever there are clutch area repairs, the flywheel is removed to check the condition of the "oil pump o-ring". This is a small seal on the rear of the engine, which can only be accessed when the flywheel is removed. In doing this, the shop may have inadvertently left the flywheel bolts loose, under-torqued, without LocTite, or some other similar oversight. So in all probability the flywheel bolts may have simply worked their way out.

But it could be several things and only disassembly will tell. Follow the workshop instructions to remove the gearbox and take a look.

Very sorry this is your introduction to Airheads, but this is a good reminder that most BMW mechanics today have never worked on an Airhead and taking these old bikes to the shop is not always the best answer. YOU are now this bike's best hope.

Don't hide 'em, Ride 'em !!
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2 days 16 hours ago #4953 by 8053
Replied by 8053 on topic 1983 R80RT Flywheel replacement
This is important!
When you get to the place where you want to remove the flywheel, you must block the crank from moving forward.

James Strickland, IL. Airmarshal

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