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MA Airheads Tech Day - Trailer Trolls

Airhead Events
04.22.2017 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


MA Airheads Spring Tech Day - Theme of the day "Get it off the trailer"


We want to help get those projects started.  We know a few of you who have had their Airheads parked far too long.  Whatever the reason - you have a new bike, life got in the way - kids, grand kids work...  No more excuses.  We are kicking off the spring tech and riding season with a dust-em-off and get some help theme.

The attendees will provide more advise, used parts and other assorted and potentially unwanted comments to help you get your project off the ground.  The offer from the Tim Hille the MA Airmarshal is this - 

* Trailer service to the tech day from up to 30 miles away (if we have more than one taker, we may need to do transport in advance of the tech day

* Group will advise and help develop a build plan for your project

* First two takers get half day of lift time at the event to save back pain for inspection of project candidate

* 10 hours of shop time and lift time at future schedule times 1:1 or small group to keep project moving - trailer service included, or short-term storage 

** For motivation - We will have a ride at the end of the day to Rota Spring Farm Ice Cream in Sterling MA - the first to arrive at tech day with their trailer project gets a loaner bike for this ride courtesy of MA Air Marshal


Now, dust them off, free up the seized brakes to be sure you can roll or drag them onto a trailer and the Airhead gang will help get you back on two wheels.


If in the end, you find the project is too much for you, I bet there will be a buyer at the event to help unburden you and find a good home for your baby.


Following Ice Cream - there will be barley therapy back at the shop - especially for the project candidates to help them deal with what's to come.