12 Volt Clock Light

Ever tried to see what time it is while you're moving down the road after dark? No, I'm not talking about taking a peek at your Timex, but at your 'bar mounted time piece, whether it be a bicycle computer or one of the purpose built jobbies that BMW used to make for the airhead GS. If you did, chances are all you saw was a black blob instead of illuminated numerals. Or, if you're savvy to the little LED jobbie that Sigma makes for their bicycle computers, you fumbled around in the dark looking for the tiny button, hoping you could find it with your gloved hand. That was my situation after I stumbled across the little gem in Aerostich's catalog, but I wasn't willing to put up with the switch and battery replacement routine that went along with it. I know just enough about electronics to be dangerous, which was just enough to rig up a 12 volt LED and wire it into the bike's harness. All that was needed was the LED and a resistor wired in series with it to limit the current through the LED.
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