Airhead Pushrod Tube Seal Replacement

Hey! Tired of that brown slather that drips off the bottom of your motor? The stuff that seems to be coming from the base of the cylinders? If your bike's more than a few years old, and especially if it's been sitting for a while, chances are your pushrod tube seals are leaking. But don't freak out, 'cause it's not a big job to replace them, and even the parts are reasonably priced. All you need is a spare afternoon and these instructions. Let's start by making a trip to the BMW dealer for some parts. You'll need four replacement pushrod tube seals (of course), two cylinder base "O" rings, a pair of valve cover gaskets, and a pair of head gaskets. Some folks say you can reuse the head gaskets, but it's cheap insurance to replace 'em while your in there.
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