Emerald Island 450W Alternator Install

It's been almost 100,000 miles ago that the R100GS got its first Motorrad Elektrik Omega alternator. Installation was simple, reliability good (70K miles on the first 400 Watt version), and Rick Jones stands behind what he sells. When it came time to pick a charging system upgrade for the RT, I briefly considered the EME offerings, but the memory of carving up the wiring harness on the last one I installed left me cold. Now a days the Omega system puts out another 50 Watts, and even my local BMW dealer, Ozzies in Chico, CA, carries them. That was good enough for me. I'm not going to recount all the installation steps here (you'll find a detailed account with the R100GS pages), but I will highlight a few differences between the old and new Omegas, and of this particular installation. First is the increased output, up 50 Watts, obtained by subtle changes in the rotor and stator. The diode board is beefed up as well to handle the extra power. The heat sink is thicker as a result, and that makes removing and installing the front engine cover a bit trickier on the R100GS, but on the R100RT the oil cooler has to come off to remove the cover anyway. The new instruction sheets are now illustrated with photos and have clearer wording, another appreciated improvement.
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