R100GS 4 Way Flasher Upgrade

Lately it seems I've been spending a fair amount of time at the side of the road, either at crash sites or just stopping to look at a map. In these situations visibility is a good thing, and the K bikes I've owned all had 4 way flashers as standard equipment. The GS is wired for them, but the bits to make 'em work aren't always all there. That's easily remedied with a call to Sam at Re-Psycle BMW Parts, a purveyor of new & used parts located back in my old stomping grounds of Lithopolis, Ohio. Your friendly neighborhood dealer should also be able to get them, but if you're going to have to wait for him to order them anyway, why pay full boat when you can get 'em used for half the price? Here's what you'll need: 61 31 1 459 224 - 4 Way Flasher Relay, $55.00 61 31 1 244 708 - Hazard Switch, $13.50 61 31 1 244 709 - Symbol, Hazard Switch - Included Keep in mind that the prices quoted above are for used parts, and might vary depending on the condition of what Sam has on hand and how polite you are when you talk to him. In my experience, Sam's not real good at answering email, so it's best to call on the phone. His service is great, though, as I had the parts in hand in less than a week, not bad seeing as I'm now sited in California. You should also check the part number on the flasher relay that comes on your bike. I understand that the later GSs come with a 4 way capable relay (below, left) already installed, and it should have a number on it that encompasses the last seven digits listed above. The relay on my 1993 (below, right) had the digits 2 306 014, and would not engage the 4 way flasher function. Also note that the 4 way flasher relay is also standard equipment on all K75, K100, and K1100 bikes, and that info might help Sam get you the correct part.
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