R100GS Fastaway Evolution II Footpegs

I admit it: I'm a sucker for mechanical beauty. And I knew from the moment I stuck a pair of these babies on my R1200GS I'd be wanting another pair for the R100. So in a moment of weakness I started cruising the net and came up with cyclebuy.com who were offering 'em for $99. Only trouble was I wasn't sure what model to order. An email off to Steve Lederer at Fastway Performance was turned around very quickly with the answer: 22-2-403. That turns out to be the same offering used in Honda XR Minis, and is also the same as I used for the R1200GS. The order was placed that day, and the box was on the porch before the end of the following week.   The folks at Fastway are pretty clever: They've figured out a way of using one 'peg body on a wide variety of motorcycles, just by changing out one bushing. That bushing (they call it the "Universal Collar System, or UCS for short) is visible in the photo above, and is shown sticking out of the top side of the 'peg to provide a low mounting position for a little more leg room on the cramped R100GS. I just pushed the bushing out of the 'peg with the steel dowel (provided in the kit) and flipped 'em over before pressing them home between the copper jaw covers of a machinists vice.
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