R100GS Handlebar Risers

Hey, ever tried standing up on the pegs of a factory GS? Notice how you're all bent over, and it's difficult to keep your weight from pulling on the bars. That makes the bike wander because you aren't letting the bike move freely under you. Well, these handlebar risers aren't the whole solution, but they're a lot of help. They move the bars up and back by about an inch, which may not seem like much but is fairly significant ergonomically. The pair shown here is made from some aluminum bar stock I had laying around, but there are commercially available risers if you don't want to make your own. The drawing at right is pretty self explanatory, so I'll just make a few comments about the machining sequence. I started with a block about 2.5" x 3", and the first thing I did was mount it in a four jaw chuck, center it, and drill and bore the .875 hole for the bars. That let me get a very smooth hole of exactly the right diameter. I then used the milling attachment to square the ends and sides, and to drill the bolt holes. The last thing I did was split the block through the handlebar hole, and then square up the saw cut ends.
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