R100GS Jesse Bags

BMW's hard luggage are just about the best factory cases available, but Jesse bags are almost legendary. These things are waterproof, rugged, and cleanly designed, and with the addition of the Odyessey line, they even fit the standard BMW luggage mounts. In fact, the Odyessey bags are available to fit /5, /6, /7, R100, and early K style mounts. They offer 100 liters of capacity where the BMW cases have only 57, and are only 10 liters shy of the standard Jesse bags. They're 34" across when mounted on the bike, while the BMW cases measure 33 1/2". Two latches hold each lid closed and two more hold the bag to the rack. The latter are adjustable to provide more or less tension, and utilize a camming handle to allow quick release. The fit is tight and rattle free. As the photo shows, the opening in the top is huge, much wider than the original Jesse design. Al Jesse says wire bales will soon be available to hold your stuff into the lids, allowing more efficient utilization of that odd shaped space.
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