R100GS Laminar Lib Windscreen Extension

I've been experimenting with better wind protection on the GSs ever since I worked out a sound system for listening to music on the motorcycles. And as good as the Etymotic ER6i earphones are, they don't completely block out the roar of the wind at freeway speeds. I'd had very good experience with a Wunderlich windscreen on the R1200GS, but knew that the off roading I had planned for the R100GS would probably break a screen that big, or it would cut my head off the first time I tried to climb a steep hill or get the front wheel over a good sized rock. Happy as I was with the Wunderlich, my bud Tony talked me into trying a Laminar Lip extension to the stock screen and I found almost as much protection and less rocking and buffeting of the bike. With its lower and narrower screen, the Laminar lip seemed like a natural first step for the R100GS. Priced at a modest $75, the Lip is significantly more affordable than larger alternatives. Mine came packed in a ton of bubble wrap just a few days after I'd ordered it. The box contained the Lip, a set of extra mounting dots, and a set of alcohol pads to clean the old screen where the dots would touch down.
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