R100GS M. A. P. Engineering Brake Rotor

If you've got a grip like a gorilla you're probably satisfied with the GS front brake. But if you'd like a little more feel, and a lot less effort at the lever, then M. A. P. Engineering may have just the hop up you're looking for. Jim Rowley, the engineer in M. A. P. Engineering, will take your stock rotor carrier and modify it to accept a 320 mm diameter replacement that floats on its own aluminum carrier. Rattle is kept to a minimum by replaceable wave washers. That's an important point, as the BMW rotor on lots of GSs rattles like a trail of tin cans behind a newlywed's car. To accommodate the larger rotor, Jim has machined up a mounting block for the caliper that is both sturdy and good looking. He supplies new stainless steel bolts and lock nuts (but not washers) to fasten everything together. The upgrade is as simple as removing your stock rotor and shipping it off to Jim, who will promptly work his magic and have you back on the road in a couple of weeks. Installation is a snap, amounting to about ten minutes with a torque wrench and a pair of open end wrenches to reattach the brake line. One small niggle is the necessity of bending the steel brake line to match up with the new position of the caliper. While the original line can be made to fit, it's difficult to make the needed bends if you don't have a proper bending tool, and you'll likely end up with kinks in the line. Fortunately relief is as close as your local automotive parts house, most of whom can bend a line to the needed profile. Just use a piece of coat hanger wire to make a pattern and take along the old line so you end up with the correct fittings.
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