R100GS MotoMacondo ProTaper Handlebar Mounts

Funny how an injury increases your ergonomic awareness. A scaphoid fracture in my left wrist, and the following surgery to insert a titanium screw, left that hand weak, sore and unable to stand the normal rigors imposed by the standard GS bars. I'd known Ricardo Kuhn was making adaptor mounts so BMW GS riders could use Answer ProTaper handlebars, but I didn't know that Ricky started making these mounts because he wasn't happy with the factory riding position, either. In addition to accommodating the large bulge in the middle of the ProTaper handlebars, Ricky's bar clamps move the bars both up and back, making stand up riding as well as sitting riding much easier. The ProTaper bars have less "sweep" than the BMW bars, and the result is less kinking of the wrist joint. And the aluminum material also damps out more vibration for clearer mirrors and less fatigue. Fitting the clamps and bars is very straight forward. Start by removing your fuel tank (you really don't have to do this, but it does remove the danger of scratching or denting the tank). Then remove the zip ties that bind your control cables and wires to the old bars, and take off the grips. I like to use compressed air to help slide the grips off, and use a duster attachment to force air between the grip and bar while I twist and pull. Once the grip breaks loose (a philips screwdriver between grip and bar helps here) the grip will slide right off. With the bars clear, pop out the four bolts that hold them in place and set the bar and clamps aside.
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