R100GS Ohlins Shock Installation

After experiencing the amazing performance of Ohlins shocks on the K12, it was a forgone conclusion that the Works Performance damper on the GS would be replaced in short order. A quick FAX to Wim Kroon had one on its way, with instructions to fit a spring one weight lighter than standard. When it arrived, I used a home grown collection of threaded rods and drilled plates to remove the spring, which was sand blasted and painted black (I didn't need or appreciate Ohlins' bright yellow advertising clashing with the custom paint). Mounting took only a few minutes, the key being to drop the swing arm enough to allow the top end of the shock to slip between the mounting plates on the frame. The most difficult mounting decision was where to locate the remote adjuster. Since no mention was made in the installation instructions, I decided to fabricate a small bracket that let me put it in front of the left swing arm pivot where I'd have easy access.The scrap box yielded a piece of 1/8" x 1" aluminum which, with the addition of a few holes, proved worthy of the job. Ohlins had seen fit to include plenty of line between the shock and adjuster, so there were no worries there. I've since learned that the recommended location is on the right side of the luggage rack, even with the rack's end. On bikes I've seen using this setup, I found the knob hard to reach and even harder to turn, so I'm happy with the new location.
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