About the Airheads Beemer Club

The Airheads Beemer Club arose from a need for information on the care and feeding of airhead BMWs, and from a desire for camaraderie with likeminded souls. Many riders originally drawn to BMW for its simplicity, light weight and agility were confused by BMWs newer models, which seem to lack these attractive elements. For many years the enthusiast clubs - intent on pushing the new models - ignored its traditional base, which frustrated many airhead owners.

The Airheads Beemer Club places the airhead back on its pedestal where it belongs, as the finest all-round motorcycle ever produced. Airmail, our newsletter, features only Airheads. Our many Airhead Rendezvous' and Tech Days all year round accent our bike of choice, though riders of other bikes seem attracted to the Airhead spirit.

If you want to see what it's all about, the best way is to attend one of our events. Introduce yourself as a newbie, make yourself at home, and you'll receive a warm welcome.

Where does the term Airhead come from?

The BMW motorcycles we ride have air cooled cylinder heads that stick out at a 180 degree angle characteristic of the BMW type 247 engine.


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