The Airheads Beemer Club Community

The Airheads Beemer Club is a community of people dedicated to preserving our favorite motorcycles - air cooled BMW motorcycles built between 1970 and 1995. While we won't ever exclude anyone with a pre-1970 or post-1995 BMW motorcycle, the air-cooled BMW motorcycle with the venerable 247 motor is the cornerstone of the Airheads Beemer Club. The information you'll find in the Community section of is focused on these machines so pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee, tea, or beverage of choice and click in!

The Airheads Forum

Use The Airheads Forum to learn more about Airheads and the Airhead Beemer Club. Topics range from events to technical topics to the business associated with running the Airheads Beemer Club.

Technical Articles

Are you looking for advice before starting a major repair project on your Airhead? You might want to turn to the Technical Articles section of In this section you'll find long-form articles describing simple to complex repair and maintenance requirments for our beloved machines. While our club motto may be "Simple by Design" that doesn't mean that there aren't detailed instructions that will help you complete your repair and maintenance tasks with some experienced help. You'll find everything from adjusting the valves to information about the electrical system to wheel bearings. Remember to start your research here!

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