Once An Airhead...

As with the BMW MOA and other organizations, once you are an ABC member, you are a member for life. To be clear, once you have been assigned an ABC membership number, you will retain that number forever, and any time you decide to reactivate that number by paying your dues, you will continue to be associated with, and may contribute to the Club in any way you see fit, regardless of owning, riding, or otherwise associating with the ABC.

If you decide to sell your airhead and switch to a needlessly more complicated machine, or even hang up your leathers for the last time, you can still be an Airhead. If you've let your membership lapse for a period of time, you can re-up and regain your original member number.

Along with re-instating your membership, you'll retain full Club benefits such as Airmail magazine, full website access including forums and classifieds, and future site features as the web team continues to improve the site.

Airhead BMWs are unique machines, and the folks who buy, ride, and maintain them are just as unique. It takes a special type of person to understand and appreciate the beauty, simplicity, and character of these bikes. The last thing we want is to lose touch with the folks who understand this. Your knowledge, experience, and stories of past adventures are critical to the Club.

It is our hope that you will remain a loyal fan and valued ambassador for the Airhead Community for as long as you are willing and able.

by Board Member Tim Roberts

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