Brook’s Airhead Garage

The Airheads Beemer Club is proud to have Brook Reams as a member of our community.  As you will see if you explore his materials online, Brook has and continues to make a significant contribution to the Airheads community with his detailed technical instructions.  Through collaborative web content, and future tech articles in the Airmail, we hope to cultivate this relationship and grow the followers of Brook’s shop work as well as club membership.  Brook truly demonstrates the Airheads Beemer Club culture and lives the Club Canons we all appreciate. Keep up the great work Brook! – The Airheads Team

Brook Reams

Brook Reams, A Colorful Guy

About Brook Reams

I live in the Denver, CO metropolitan area. I’m active with the Airheads Beemer Club in Colorado. I’m a nerd interested in astronomy, astrophysics, biology, metaphysics, mathematics, psychology, education and learning. I enjoy restoring, rebuilding and riding BMW airheads. I started rebuilding airheads in 2009. I’m currently working on my fifth restore/rebuild project. I’ve logged over 250,000 miles on BMW’s. I did my first 1,000 mile day on my 1975 R75/6 in 1976. After I retired from the corporate world, I took a part time job at a small independent vintage British motorcycle shop (BSA, Norton, Triumph) and learned how to bring some of them back to life. But I found I wasn’t interested in punching a clock to be a mechanic. I prefer to work on my own projects, at my own pace. I began documenting my work in 2009 on my first rebuild, my first BMW, a 1975 R75/6, and have continued to document all my rebuild/restore projects from the perspective of an amature hobbist, which is what I am. I hope this information helps others decide to keep their airhead flying by doing the necessary work themselves.

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