site hosting upgraded

Because the site was performing poorly we’ve upgraded the hosting plan to provide the website with more computing resources. While this change was made last night in the wee small hours the change appears to have improved peformance. Should you continue to see poor performance, or have any other issues with the website, please submit […]

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caching disabled

While caching seems like a good way to speed up the site it also wreaks havoc when trying to make content and system updates. To eliminate the headaches we’ve made a decision to disable the website caching system. Please submit a Support Ticket if you notice underperforming parts of the site. Thank you for your […]

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ticketing system added

The Supportcandy ticketing system was added to the site 01/01/2020. The goal for implementing a ticketing system is to track, trend, and close support issues. We’ve implemented the FREE version to make sure it works for Members as well as the Web Team. Please keep the system’s price in mind when using the system!

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