Aerostich Roadcrafter 1-piece size 40

$ 300.00
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Bought this from a guy on ADV Rider last Spring. It's in fair condition. That is, everything works, but the hi-viz is faded, the reflective patches are faded, there's a muffler burn at the bottom of one leg at the zipper, it's all in the pictures. I'm 5'10", 160lbs and it fits me perfectly with long johns or jeans, a sweater or t-shirt or down jacket.

I just don't really have a need for a 1-piece. I like to be able to take my jacket off and sit at the bar or whatever. When I travel I have other gear I wear, so aside from the fact that this just feels really great to wear, I'd like to pass it on.

I paid $325 + shipping for it, I'd like to get $300 + shipping for it.

This site only allows for four pictures, there's a few more at the link above.

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