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John Marshall
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Can anyone explain the blacked-out parts of the Airmail?

Posted : 12/25/2022 08:31
Ran Bush
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> blacked-out parts of the Airmail?

Hi John - it is discussed at some length in several posts in the Club Business forum.


Ran Bush - Nor Cal Airmarshal

ABC #3484

Posted : 12/25/2022 16:41
Dick Paschen
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I am wondering about the heavily redacted version of the Airmail... what's up?  I do not see any information on that in the Business Forum.  Can someone answer the question?

Posted : 12/28/2022 07:45
Tim Roberts
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The blacked out spaces are two articles, one B. Jan and one by me.  Just in case there is a different way to get there, find it under the 'Community' tab, then under 'Airheads Forum', then under Airheads Beemer Club Business'.  My two postings will be there (Tim Roberts).  Thanks

Posted : 01/01/2023 15:57
David Elkow
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I showed my wife my redacted Airmail pages. She got a laugh!  “Isn’t this just a bunch of old guys with old motorcycles?”  “What could possibly be so dangerous it required blacking out?”  Sure is silly, … my wife is right about that!

Posted : 01/02/2023 10:47
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