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New Air Marshal Wish List

Mark Steinhoff
Active Member

First of all let me say that this is a great site. Easy to get around and add events.

But the idea that there will be ONE database of member information accessible only to Air Marshals is perfect.

I have three things on my wish list (in order of importance):

1) I would love to get the most current email list for my state formatted as ", .... ". Then I could just copy from the web page and paste into my email. That would automatically include any new members and exclude members that have lapsed.

2) A second list formatted as #1 above with all members whose membership has lapsed in the last 90 days. This would allow me to send reminders or at least see whats up.

3) An automatic email sent to me when a new member joins in my state. That way I can send him a personal email welcoming him to the club and then tell him about an upcoming events.

Mark Steinhoff
Vermont Air Marshal

Topic starter Posted : 07/23/2016 09:04
Scot Marburger
Member Moderator

Thanks for the kind words about the web site, and for the suggestions, Mark.

I believe what you are asking for can be done with enough time and effort, and that they would be useful additions for the Airmarshals' tool box.

However, it would be much easier to justify the work if more than one Airmarshal expressed interest. I encourage you to start a dialog on the Airmarshal mailing list to ensure that there is wide agreement on the capabilities and details of such a tool, and that it would actually be used. I think I can safely speak for Mark on this and volunteer us to participate in such a discussion. I know John Covington and I have been tossing ideas similar to this around, but as yet nothing actionable has resulted.

Posted : 07/24/2016 10:56
James Strickland
Reputable Member

Hey there Scot, Mark's wish list would be a helpful tool in the kit. I am fairly new in the airmarshal circle, and seem to muddle along just fine with things as they are,...but,... a system to inform me/us of new members and lapsed members would probably be helpful for the purpose of retaining members. I know several of my states lapsed members personally and all have their reasons for not re-newing. That is one thing, however It would be especially helpful to contact new members for the purpose of personalizing the club to these members.
James Strickland,

Posted : 07/26/2016 13:20
Tim Hille
Active Member

I second all three of these, and as a new member of the web team, I will start looking into how we can make them happen.


Posted : 04/27/2017 23:20


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