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[Solved] This is a test.

James Strickland
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This is a test. It used to be that an Airmarshal could list events directly to the website's calendar. Apparently this is no longer the case. What I am wondering if there are cookies or other digital markers that identify an Airmarshal when said Airmarshal logs on to the ABC web site. So, if this post appears on the website without delay, one might conclude that the website identifies an Airmarshal. Let's see what happens. 

Topic starter Posted : 05/12/2021 15:57
James Strickland
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O.K., So the questions might be; 1) How does the website know that I am an Airmarshal?  2) Is the Airmarshals Only forum not secure and can any member post in it? 3) If the website identifies me as an Airmarshal with posting privileges, Why can I not post our  Illinois events directly to the club calendar?

  I exchanged e-mail with Calep Howard, Kansas Airmarshal, regarding a posting for a camp-out we are planning in July. I was informed that the new process for submitting has a feature that allows the web team to review and approve all submissions. I submitted the announcement on April 19. I was informed that the submission was approved on April 20. The camp -out is scheduled to run from July 22 to 25. The submission has yet to appear on the club website calendar.  I don't know what else to do.



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