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Silent Hektik electronic ignition (dual plug) on 1993 BMW R100GSPD

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Edward Monroe Bonfoey
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I am having a real challenge getting this ignition set up on a recently rebuilt R100GS engine.  I was wondering if any other members have used this ignition?  It is sold by Siebenrock.

The instructions are only in German and the English version in translation is for an earlier model ignition.

I have attached the instructions.


Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Aromas, CA


Posted : 11/18/2021 16:29
Edward Monroe Bonfoey
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Repost of instructions in pdf format

One more try on posting the instructions

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Posted : 11/18/2021 16:42
Scot Marburger
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I used a Silent Hektik on an R80 G/S I converted to 1000cc and dual plugged. I wasn't impressed by how the trigger piece was attached to the crank. The trigger would move every time I tightened the alternator rotor bolt, then the crank would turn and I'd also lose TDC. I made a piston stop to keep the engine at TDC, and used a pin wrench to keep the trigger plate from moving while I tightened the bolt. It still took several tries to get the timing set right. Here's a write up of my experience.

The last crank triggered ignition I purchased was the Sache unit from Moteren Israel. It uses a simple set screw to hold the trigger plate in place, and has an LED that glows when the plate is properly positioned. I wouldn't purchase another Silent Hektik, and am thinking about replacing it with a Sache.


Hope that helps...


Posted : 11/18/2021 17:16
Edward Monroe Bonfoey
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That is precisely what issue I am having.  I decided to purchase an ignition system from Euro Moto Electrics that is the one you mention.

I am also not impressed with how the trigger unit attaches to the crank.

I can’t keep it locked down and the timing continues to be off causing the engine to run poorly.


thanks for your post, it reconfirms my decision to purchase the other ignition system for my GSPD.

Posted : 11/19/2021 15:20
Edward Monroe Bonfoey
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Thanks again for your suggestion.  I ended up installing the electronic ignition from Euro Moto Electrics.  It was an easy install and the sensor has two set screws to secure to the front of the crank.


the bike starts easier, pulls stronger, and I like the timing curve a lot.


Posted : 11/27/2021 03:54


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