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Cylinders (iron, steel, Nikasil, Galnikal). Boring, honing, cylinder shims, plates, gaskets, o-rings.

BMW has used both Galnikal & Nikasil in describing their late cylinders, & never explained the difference. BMW used at least two companies in producing these cylinders for them. They are basically the same process.  Nikasil is a registered trademark of Mahle Gesellshaft (yes, the piston and filter makers). Coated cylinders are done via a plasma process, in Stuttgart, & is a blend of nickel & silicon carbide. Galnikal is a trademarked name for the process used by Kolben Schmidt, which is a major German foundry & castings maker. They also make pistons. If you have Kolben Schmidt cylinders, or other products, they use a symbol which is a letter “K” on top of a letter “S”, and it looks like this:

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