Airmail – April 2023

In This Issue:

From the Top – Chris Parker – Editor-in-Chief
From the Board – Report by Bob “Duck” Koch – Chairman of the Board
Airheads Beemer Club – Call for Nominees – Ernie Baragar
Head to Head
Custom Build: Update on the Bronze Bobber – Bringing back to life a 1977 BMW R100/7 – Part Two – Zack Witkowsky
Tech Day: 2023 Massachusetts – New Year Tech Day – Kat Connell
Tech Day: SuperTech – Ian Hutchinson
Tech Day: Illinois Airheads Four – Speed Transmission Tech Day – Jim Fousek
The Ride: Getting Out to the Outer Banks – Ian Hutchinson
Workbench: Wedgetail Points Style Ignition on a 1977 R 100S – Dave Fahringer
The Numbers: ABC Quarterly Financials – Tim Hille
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