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Russ J. Muller
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Two questions,
When I enter the site I receive a warning from my phone or computer that the site is:
-Not Secure-
Secondly, when signing in there is a red warning that I didn’t sign out the last visit (I do sign out) and I have hit the x upper right corner to get to the site.
Any suggestions or explanation?

Topic starter Posted : 06/29/2019 13:45
Scot Marburger
Member Moderator

The ABC website does not use https encryption, even though users must login to access members only information. As such, browsers such as Mozzila Firefox or Chrome will complain that your username/password information is being sent in the clear and could be intercepted by nefarious agents. However, the only information stored on the website is member name/address/membership status. All financial information is processed through Paypal, so the risk of compromised identity is nonexistent.

There is currently a glitch in the Joomla underpinnings of the website that results in the logout warning for some users. This behavior started with a recent "upgrade" to Joomla and has not yet been patched by the developers of that software. Until such time as a patch is available, we encourage you to ignore the warning and proceed as usual.

Posted : 06/30/2019 15:06


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