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The Gas Man Commeth and the Gas Man Taketh Away

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Melvin Schallot
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I had just rented this run down gas station and was trying out my R750/5 forks out front by wheel standing and bouncing and I was ecstatic with the plushness due to the floating restricter mod I'd just completed. A fellow stopped by and chastised me for doing such a thing on a BMW. I held my tongue and listened and was mildly entertained by my first encounter with a BMW enthusiast. He noticed an extra pair of crash bar u-clamps in my under seat tool box which I offered to him when he showed interest. "These are BMW clamps. They fit the oval frame tubing that's something you'll see only on a BMW," he said. I said I didn't need them, take them. "No, I couldn't do that. How much do you want for them?" I repeated that since I had them on my crash bars already they were extras. "I'll pay you for them," he replied as he grabbed them.

About a week later he showed up with two little Hondas on a flat bed truck, one for each u-clamp. Next day both were running and I had two young helpers newly dedicated to working for me -no money even mentioned. But there's a zinger in the story about my little repair shop. BMW guy showed up in late fall wearing the uniform of the gas company and he, at least it seemed to me, gleefully red tagged every gas space heater in my little office building and garage just as the winter of Western Pa. was getting going. Turned out my wiring sparked and hissed when I got the power on, so I guess BMW guy wasn't so bad after all. Dam Him!

Posted : 08/01/2016 00:50
Marcus Priddy
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Great tale!
Thanks for sharing

Posted : 09/09/2016 14:49


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