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David Johnson
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I have bought and am in the process of having two early 80's r65's shipped to me in Surrey, British Columbia, on the left coast. One is an '81 r65 with an interesting paint job and a turbo with 90,000 miles that has been sleeping in a garage in Florida for 16 years and the the and the the other is an '83 black beauty with full fairing and 43,000 miles from Ohio that has not been driven for 6 years. Waking them up will entail rebuilding the front brakes, changing all fluids and greasing the transmission splines, adjusting valves, tuning carbs, changing road rubber, hoses, etc... Will keep you posted. Importing a vehicle from the USA to Canada has changed in 2014, with the added expense of $125 for a broker to file some paperwork. This is per transport vehicle, so I am bringing the two bikes across at the same time to avoid more of the already mounting cost of transport and import. Still, I am getting something I was unable to find locally. They say that to air is human, so I am soon to become an airhead of the first water! Why two, you might ask? Well, now! The black one will take the less time to get running with a safety level I am OK with, ( good, reliable braking, everything properly tuned up and adjusted). The turbo is a bit of a project bike, but I hope will prove to be a blast once I get it going. I live in the land of twisty roads, (the province where i live is 80% mountain ranges) and the R65 with it's short wheel base and relatively light weight, I am looking forward to some long, winding cruising trips. (My wife died 6 months ago, I have resumed my childhood until interrupted once again...)
When I figure out how to make a thumbnail I will post a couple of pix.

Posted : 01/26/2017 05:31
Lee Hewitt
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Hello from a fellow newbie from New Westminster, British Columbia. Recently purchased a 1962 R60/2 and having a blast stepping back into time. Feel free to touch base for a riding partner. Looks like the sun is finally showing up for us.

Posted : 06/22/2017 10:58
Brent Bourne
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You're probably not looking at this any more but I'm in Victoria, on the Island, and am new to Airheads. Always liked their look and stumbled upon a garage kept one, R75/6, that had been asleep for 20 years. Tore it apart, fixed everything and now on the road. I now appreciate and am under the spell of the Airhead.
Been a life long biker and hot rodder so things mechanical fascinate me.

Posted : 04/22/2020 22:51
Scott Blaylock
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Ping me when you get a chance as there are several of us in Victoria with /2s, /5s and /6s that get together for breakfast runs fairly often.

I'm in the dAIRectory List if you search under Victoria.


Posted : 07/07/2020 01:59


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