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Servicing/Repair of a 1992 R100GS Ignition/Light Switch

Gerald Xavier
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I'm having intermittent lighting issues and believe I've narrowed it down to the lighting contacts on the ignition switch.  This switch is no longer being made and I have yet to locate a new or used replacement.  Does anyone have any experience in servicing the contacts/mechanism in this switch?    Also, I'm not finding any information on how to pull the switch apart, so guidance/tips would be appreciated. 



Topic starter Posted : 05/14/2022 21:53
Gerald Xavier
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Continued troubleshooting the electrical/lighting problem and after isolating the ignition switch confirmed that it was operating properly.  May have traced the problem back to the load shedding relay --- after swopping it with the matching horn relay the lighting/instrument display in the run position came back on.  Need to do a check ride to confirm all of this.    BTW ... an ADV Rider post said you could find a replacement relay at NAPA under part number AR 634.  That part number is obsolete and searching for a similar function and pin configuration didn't turn up anything (checked AutoZone and Federated as well).  

Topic starter Posted : 05/29/2022 11:43


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