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Wedgetail issue? R100RS has a miss

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Heads,  Love the forum BTW.  I installed a Wedgetail Ignition on my ‘79 R100 RS about 6 months ago (Bean Can).  The unit exceeded all my expectations.  A few months back I happened upon a YouTube video about possibly squashing the wires from the can to the module with the front cover.  I pulled the front cover and this was the case, but after further inspection of the wires inside the casing, there was no noticeable damage.  Since that time, the bike has developed a miss that I cannot find the problem.  Assuming it is not the Wedgetail, could I have a coil or ignition wire problem?  The bike has 113,000 miles on it with OEM coils.



Posted : 04/26/2023 10:59


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