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Oregon southern gathering??????

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Randy Thomas
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Moved to Oregon not much activity here in south Oregon or nor cal,to bad real nice riding here,a old airhead
Tech with 50 yrs repairing airheads lives here in cave junction,,he cannot ride anymore but he is full of knowlage!
Which cannot be gotten from any manual and all the stories to go along as a bonus!! Would like to have a gathering down
This way?? Oregon caves and vino producers and thousands of back road with little or no traffic,, fantastic fishin!!
Anyone interested in a gathering?? Maybe get Fred Carr to attend to absorb more of his knowlage??50 yrs of airhead info!!

Randy 7676
81 gs,95 rs. B)

Posted : 03/01/2016 11:59
Robert Fleischer
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Cave Junction is also near Sparky's....if still operating his Campground....

Posted : 03/03/2016 14:55
Richard Peck
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Are you still in the area of Cave Junction? I live in Grants Pass. I have 2 Airheads.69 and a 92. I could use some more Airhead knowledge.


Posted : 01/12/2017 22:25


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