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Muffler Recommendation?

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Marcus Priddy
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Hi all,
Recently bought a 1978 R60/7.
It came with straight pipes.
Way to loud.
Any recommendations on aftermarket mufflers?
Looking for something with a throaty tone, but not crazy loud.
Thanks for any comments.

Posted : 04/13/2016 18:37
Kevin McQuillen
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About 12 years ago I bought MAC headers and mufflers for an R90S - links below - very well made, chromed, sound great, somewhat more throaty than stock, but not loud. I owned and rode the bike for 5 or 7 years, sold it to a good friend. I recently bought the bike back from that friend after he also rode it for a good number of miles. The MAC exhaust system still looks perfect and sounds the same. Not cheap these days, but I can recommend it highly. Good luck to you.

Posted : 04/27/2016 14:37
Marcus Priddy
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Thanks for the links!
Much appreciated

Posted : 05/04/2016 18:19
John Hughes
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Duane Ausherman's website has a fairly comprehensive section on aftermarket exhaust. Definitely worth checking out imo;id=136;url=http%3A%2F%2Fw6rec%2Ecom%2Fduane%2Fbmw%2Findex%2Ehtm

Posted : 05/25/2016 13:08


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