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R100GSPD 1991 needs driveline Any feed back on Emerald Island Rebuildable Gen II Drive Line from Ted Porter?

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david Swanson
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I believe my GS has a bad drive line; I hear it clanking on the housing when i turn my rear wheel.  I will be tackling the repair next week to actually inspect.  

There are a couple of approaches to take if that is the case and the one i am focused on is the offering from Ted Porter an advertiser with our Club.  Any one try the Emerald Island Drive line on the GS that he offeres? if so did you have trouble installing it and did it rub on the housing (as it is wider than the stock unit)? Finally would you recommend it?

Thanks David Swanson Oakland CA

Posted : 02/18/2021 10:19
David McKinnon
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Installed one on my 1990 GS100. Slight modification needed on the housing in order to install. 40k happy miles so far!

Posted : 05/29/2021 11:40
Craig Turpin
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Bought a 1992 with one of these in it.  Previous owner and I've put 25k on it, and its doing great!

Posted : 07/13/2021 05:41
Tom Wilker
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I just finished my installation with parts from Euromoto Electrics on my 91. Clutch kit, Drive Shaft and Pivot bushes and new rubber boots.

With the swing arm suspended vertically in my vice and a bit of jiggling, the shaft dropped into place and installed easily. The shaft was pregreased and included a nice packet of good moly spline grease. Extremely pleased with the result. 

EME is a great company. 

Posted : 02/27/2022 09:14
ray wilson reacted
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I was a beta tester for the first version of the EI DS in 2010, which was replaced at no charge with an updated version that corrected excessive axial play in the trunions in 2013. I put about 20,000 miles on the first one, and now have about 30,000 miles on the updated one, all with no issues. I like it well enough that I put another one in an R100R project bike, but it's not on the road yet so I can't say much about longevity. In all cases, I had to take a little bit of metal out of the inside of the drive shaft housing to allow the u-joints to clear. Not a big deal at all. I've also briefly tried a Henderson rebuild, and have ridden one BMW OEM DS to failure caused by the rubber slipping so that the u-joints were out of phase. The Henderson was replaced because it is susceptible to the same failure mode. The IE DS is not prone to the same failure because the buffers in it are surrounded by metal, making it impossible for the u-joints to rotate into an out of phase position.

Posted : 04/16/2022 13:17
Justin Morrison
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@8166 Appreciation for this post Scot. My Henderson DS seems to have failed, so I'm considering options and will look at the IE DS. Do you have any updates for us more than a year on?

Posted : 04/09/2023 18:06


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