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I've had a knee replacement and I'm trying to take care of some small stuff I've ignored while living that healthy active life. When my riding friend died in 2009 I inherited a bunch of his airhead parts and pieces that were laying around the garage. Most of it I've been able to classify and get into useful hands, but this one has left me stumped. David had a R50 with a sidecar, a R75 and a 86 R80RT which I still own. What bike does this part belong to......... perhaps it's not even BMW? It appears to be a cable actuated brake peddle but seems to be left foot actuated. Give it a shot! I'm going to sell it if I can get it identified. it weight's 1.25 lbs, with the foot peg being bronze with a grease zert. There is a cable captive adjuster screw. The vertical black section is iron.

Posted : 01/21/2019 21:22


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