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What is the size of oil cooler banjo crush washers for late 1990-1995 GSPD  

Gary Crowell
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As the title asks- I can't find a definitive answer anywhere on the inter webs.  Looking for ID and OD- I have several sizes of copper crush washers, but don't want to take the cooler apart until I am sure I have the right size.






Topic starter Posted : 11/14/2020 13:24
Scot Marburger
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Go over to

Enter the BMW parts catalog, and go to Motorcycles, Classic, and find your model number and year. Now you can see what parts will fit your motorcycle. It will show you the correct crush washer for your year, and often times for nubs, bolts, washers, etc. it will also state the size. Sometimes o-rings, too.

Crush rings aren't something I take chances with. They're readily available at any BMW dealer and they're inexpensive. You can even get 'em at a BMW car dealer if you give 'em the part number. Chances are they'll have 'em in stock because the cars and bikes use the same sizes. Most importantly, they'll be the correct part for the job, instead of something you got at the FLAPS that you hope will work.

Posted : 11/22/2020 14:10


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