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Texas or nearby?

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David Elkow
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I am a recently rejoined member and live at the very bottom of Texas. I want to make it to an Airhead Rally / Rendezvous in 2021. I know the virus continues to make everything uncertain, however, are there any “regularly scheduled” events in Texas or surrounding states that will probably be popping up on the 2021 calendar?  We do a lot of volunteer work via RV travel also, so I’m just trying to scope out a rough plan for the year. Thanks!

Posted : 11/15/2020 19:45
Christopher Ross
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As you've gathered this forum is not super active. I am in Lubbock, where are you?

Hit me up by email:

Christopher, R90/6

Christopher Ross
Lubbock, TX

MOA, ABC, IBA# 522

Posted : 02/04/2021 10:16


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