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Airhead Road Trip

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James Patton
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Hello all,

I'm setting out on a trip on my beloved, new to me (as of July) '83 R80RT, Justine. Would love to meet up with fellow Airheads along the way. I'm also doing a bit of filming and am aiming to put together a film project about these special bikes and their owners, so it's gravy if anyone is willing to sit in front of the camera for a few minutes and talk about their bikes.

I've already had the good fortune to meet quite a few Airheads in the first phase of the trip, which took me from Boston to Maine and down through NH, and then to airhead rally at the Black Bear Music Fest. The second phase of the trip is from Rye, NY to Charlotte, NC from 10/29 to 11/5. From there I'm aiming toward Key West, and then toward the west coast.

If anyone is near (or even not too near) the route and interested in meeting up, please reach out. You can email me at or reach out on the forum. If there are any tech days or meet ups coming up that aren't listed on the calendar, I'd love to hear about them.

Here's a general route map and timeline for reference:


I'm also happy to hear to any suggestions for route diversions, roads to check out, helpful tips, or anything else you'd like to share.

All the best,


Posted : 10/25/2021 18:58
Dave Jensen
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James, Good luck on your grand tour. Sounds like fun to me. I hope your ride gets you where you want to go without trouble. Stay safe.

  1. Best regards,Dave 
Posted : 11/15/2021 17:15
Christopher Davis
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Looks like a fun trip James. I have a new to me 87' R80 myself and am enjoying getting to know it. Are you going to post photos and musings anywhere?

Posted : 02/26/2022 08:06
Dwight Small
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If you are heading west and want to ride through the Rocky Mountains you are welcome to stop by Laramie, WY.  Just down the road from me is a beautiful mountain pass on Hwy 130 going from Laramie to Saratoga.  I can offer camping space, my house is still not fully built, and use of the bathroom.

Posted : 03/05/2022 14:53


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