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Canada cross country to Alaska

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yves blaison
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I'm planning a cross country trip from Montreal to Fairbanks and back home to Vancouver this summer. It's my father's 1972 r75/5 that I'm bringing back home. The bike is getting overhauled to get ready for the long way home. I'd like to meet up with members along the way for some rides, tips or ideas for scenic routes or anything else.

Posted : 02/02/2022 12:58
Eric Morales
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Sounds like an amazing adventure sir and wish you the best on your travel. 

Posted : 02/03/2022 18:48
yves blaison
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Thanks, I pretty exited and somewhat apprehensive as I'm not too familiar with the bike but that's part of the fun and adventure.

Posted : 02/04/2022 08:55
Dave Jensen
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Hi Yves,

Are you camping?

Montebello is an interesting stop, the buildings have quite an interesting history. The ride through Algonquin Park. Along the north shore of Lake Huron. Along Lake Superior from S.S.Marie to Thunder Bay and westward. Into Manitoba, the secondary roads south of the T.C.H.  give you a good dose of the Canadian prairies if you have the time. Grasslands National Park has limited camping, and worth visiting. Be sure to take in local events along the way. If you have the time, you will see much more if you stay off the beaten path.

Travel safe and best regards.

Posted : 02/06/2022 05:53
yves blaison
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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your input. I do plan on doing a mix of camping and motels/hotels. I've roughly put a roadmap together but I'm still not committed to that. My plan was to do everything that you've mentioned already except the Grasslands National Park but now that you've put the bug in my ear, I may just change my plans (again) to include it. I originally thought of heading north in Manitoba via Hwy 6/60/10 or Hwy 10 further west and crossing over in  Flin Flon Manitoba to Saskatchewan. I've spoken to some of my buddies and they all say that the Grassland National Park is worth the detour so...yeah more research. 

Posted : 02/09/2022 13:15
Mike Buhler
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Hey Yves, I have to let you know that Montreal west is not "across the country" You've missed a third of our nation. Just saying'. 😜 

Posted : 06/27/2022 15:32


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