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Info/experience riding around Lake Superior?

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Steve Eby
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I'm toying with the idea of riding around Lake Superior.  Southern Ohio to the north of the LP I'm familiar with.  Never been beyond that.  Thinking August, would be solo, mostly camping.  Maps and internet are good, but info from some one who's been there would be appreciated.

Posted : 01/27/2023 09:30
Mark Bartels
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Hi Steve

Some friends and I rode around Lake Superior in 2007. It was an odd group of two Honda VFR’s and a Harley. Anyway the ride across the UP and norther WI is nothing special but we didn’t take any side roads which would a better experience. We did Canada in one day which I do not recommend at all, it’s over 500 miles.

The Minnesota north shore north of Split Rock Lighthouse and most of the Canadian side is beautiful and wonderful riding. There’s a lot to stop and look at in Canada along the lake. It’s on my bucket list to do again. Hope this helps!

Posted : 01/28/2023 10:42
Jason Klamka
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I did most of northern Lake Superior in 2017 and a smaller portion of southern in 2016.  I'm located between Chicago and Milwaukee and was going to the 2017 BMWRA rally in Petoskey, MI and the 2016 BMWMOA rally in Hamburg, NY.  Obviously I took the scenic route.  As mentioned, there is some nice riding up there but there are quite a few stretches of straight road, it is still scenic.  It seems very remote, especially if you are traveling alone.  No issue with getting fuel, even though it seems some of the towns are far about.  I enjoyed the ride...

If you want, check out my website with my trip story and pictures: 

First click on pictures 'by date' on the left side, then click within the 2016 and 2017 section on the right for the 2 Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ontario, etc. trips.

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Posted : 01/28/2023 14:11
Brian Swanick
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I took the trip in 1999 starting and ending north of Chicago. The lake is big enough to generate its own weather. We went in August and had fog and rain at some point every day. Copper Harbor is a nice place to stop for coffee and a few pictures. Watching a ship go through the locks at Sault Ste. Marie may be interesting if you haven't seen something like that before. There is a visitors center and observation platform.  The roads were well maintained on the Canadian side. Some of it is just highway but there are parts where the road is cut through granite with elevated views of the lake. Rt 61 in MN has many very nice state parks. Split Rock State Park has a lighthouse you can climb. Cascade River State Park has a hiking trail up to some falls and a restaurant There's world famous smoked fish at Russ Kendall's Smoke house in Knife River. The sugar smoked Lake Trout is my favorite. It's on Old Hwy 61. Have fun, it would be great to see some photos and a write up in Airmail.

Posted : 01/28/2023 18:55
Steve Eby
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Thank you folks.  Just the kind of info I need.  Good food tips, interesting roadside attractions.  Sounds like the Canadian shore is more scenic.  I don't mind remote, as long as I avoid the moose, elk, etc.  Do I need to do the hide the food from the bears thing,  camping up there?

Posted : 01/29/2023 05:53
George Wolter
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I circled Superior in 2009 starting from the lower Peninsula. There are two main east-west roads in the UP, US-2 and M-28. M-28 is mostly a straight run through forests. US-2 along the north side of Lake Michigan is nice riding. Head north at Manistique to get to Superior at Munising. Pictured Rocks National Seashore is a nice stop near Munising. Another side trip is the ride up the Keweenaw Peninsula to Copper Harbor is nice riding through forests and former mining towns. At the base of the Keweenaw Peninsula is Porcupine Mountains State Park with nice views and good hiking.  North from Duluth the highway stays near the north shore of Superior much of the way. South of Wawa is Lake Superior Provincial Park is Agawa Rock where there are some First Nations pictographs on a rock wall on the shoreline. 

Summary. the Ontario side is more scenic from the highway, you need to make side trips in the UP to see all the sights. Give yourself several days, I took six days and wished I had more time for side trips. 

Posted : 01/30/2023 15:32
Howard Stender
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August is the best time, most black flies and mosquitoes are gone or reduced by then, and the wild blueberries will be ripe.  I definitely recommend the Keweenaw peninsula in Michigan’s upper peninsula.  Go up on highway 41 from Houghton and back south on M-26 along Lake Superior shoreline.  Both Grand Marais, Michigan and Minnesota are unique towns.    The Mariners museum in Paradise, Michigan is interesting.  It’s a great ride!  Do it.

Posted : 02/06/2023 11:00
Trever Taylor
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If you’re on Instagram at all, the page mi_playground has a ton of good spots and things to do in the UP. I went up to Sault Ste. Marie and watched the boats and have spent some time on Drummond island off roading in my Toyota and I went to the dune side of pictured rocks. Can’t recommend the UP enough. 

Posted : 03/08/2023 17:45


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