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Slimey Crud Run

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Bill Wegner
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For those of you in the southern Wisconsin area, The "Slimey Crud Run" is on the 1st of Oct. It is a informal ride from Pine Bluff to Leyland, no planned route. You get to enjoy the rolling hills at your leisure. Bike gather and depart on their own schedule and take their route. There are several Youtube videos if you want to check them out. All kind of bikes, old ,new, custom, restored and every thing in between.

Posted : 09/15/2017 16:34
Brian Swanick
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The fall 2019 Slimey Crud Run will be October 6th. I may ride up from N.E. Illinois and make a day trip of it if the weather looks decent.
Are there any other Airheads interested in this?

Posted : 08/29/2019 00:13


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