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74 r 90/6.

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Scott Wallin
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Bought this and not familiar with bmw much.  Got it to free up.  Soaked up cylinders.  Kick start was off shaft for some reason.  I installed it it billy it doesn’t seem like it is in correct position.  Will not fully kick in this position ???  

William L Brice
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I also ride a '74 R90/6 for 12 years, and I read that the consensus about kick-start is don't do it.  The reason is that the gears mesh in such a way that bits of very hard gear-tooth material is chopped loose and floats around inside your gearbox causing damage.  I removed the lever as soon as I heard this.  I use a Shorai battery and have never yet had a no-start incident so I don't miss the kick-start feature.  I am happy to see an old Airhead being resurrected! 



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