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More Texas Air Marshals!  

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I've recently learned that Texas is twice as big as California (, yet we have only a single air marshal located in (I think) Dallas/Fort Worth. I've never met him! I've been a dues-paying member for 15+ years and still never been to a local or semi-local tech day nor barley therapy. The distances between cities make riding and meetups prohibitive and unenjoyable (think post-apocalyptic wasteland), and serve to separate Airheads into distinctly urban camps: El Paso, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston.

Why not several Air Marshals? I see that California has a similar program and California is a teeny tiny state!

Topic starter Posted : 08/30/2019 10:02
David Harding
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Old posting Im noticing, but completely agree.  Im out here in Marfa, and know several folks nearby with Airheads , but nobody is gathering or wrenching together, and as a new BMW owner I wish I had some help from locals with knowledge! 


Posted : 09/16/2020 07:55


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