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To peen or not to peen, and how?

Bruce Suehr
Active Member

Hey folks  Just assembled carbs, put blue locktite on the throttle plate screws but want to peen the screws as well. Heard of two different methods. Think I like the idea of picking them towards one another with a pair of needle nose vice grips. Any thoughts?

Topic starter Posted : 05/14/2022 14:58
Eric Morales
Eminent Member

I used just the blue locktite as you mentioned and haven't had an issue. I also marked them just because you never know. 


V/R Eric

Posted : 05/14/2022 19:34
David Elkow
Estimable Member

If my memory is functioning correctly, I used the loctite, then I somewhat “squashed” the protruding end of each screw by pinching with small Vice-grips. 

Posted : 05/14/2022 20:43
Bruce Suehr
Active Member

 thank you gentlemen

Topic starter Posted : 05/15/2022 05:15


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