Broken front & rear brake light switches

This article is not concerned with the hydraulic pressure activated brake switches. Those switches, originally 34-31-1-233-959, were replaced with 61-31-1-244-334. You can probably substitute the switch used on old VW Beetles. Napa carries that switch as number SL143. There are other such switches: 3 terminal version is NAPA SL159, VW 113945515G; 2 terminal version is NAPA SL147, VW 0344004003.

This article IS concerned with the mechanically activated brake switches.   All R series bikes FROM 1985 model year through 1988, & SOME 1989 Airheads were affected. ALL models of Airheads for those years!

BMW Service Information Bulletins were issued regarding the front & rear brake light switches, brake lever, etc. The bulletins applied to both Classic K bikes & to Airheads, but not exactly the same way. There were bulletins issued in 1987, updated in 1988 & a formal recall in 1989. Later bulletins were longer, with more details.

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