Buying or Selling a Motorcycle

This is not an article on pre-purchase-inspecting a BMW air-cooled twin motorcycle (aka Airhead, manufactured 1970 to 1995). Nor does this article contain information about how to prepare the motorcycle for sale. This is an article for a seller and purchaser about safety in negotiations and making a deal, test rides, handling a title, etc. The author’s website contains well over 100 articles on maintenance, but I do not necessarily expect you to read them prior to, for example, purchasing a motorcycle. If you are new to BMW Airhead motorcycles, I suggest you post an inquiry to the free Airheads LIST, for comments on things you should know about Airheads, and if you have a specific model (and perhaps year), or specific questions, that LIST is THE place for inquiries. Different years and models have specific things to know and be aware of. You may join the LIST here:

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