Changing the range of a torque wrench.  Angular use. Adjustment correction when using torque-wrench extensions.

This article explains how to use an 'extension' for the purpose of convenience (perhaps a hex or 12 point socket or an allen wrench or other tool won't fit at the end of a torque wrench where you need it); or, perhaps you want to increase the range of a torque wrench. This article explains how to use an extension for such as the Airheads U-joint flange bolts, where you simply cannot get a torque wrench without an extension to fit properly, due to the limited room between the bolt and the U-joint body. Another usage might be that if you only have a 75 ftlb maximum indication torque wrench and need to tighten the wheel bolts on your Paralever bike to 105 ftlbs, can do it with an extension, and this article explains it.
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