Improved ATE Braking

From the Airheads mailing list

I see a question and comments about improving front braking on a 1978 R80 from a single disk to dual. One person said go to brembo brakes.

It can be done, but prepare for a snowflake front wheel, the spoked one won’t fit with Brembos. Also you will need the later model down tubes as the attachment of the dampeners is by different means. So you just can’t replace the lowers. (But you can use the originals, if one can get some parts machined).

The wheel cylinders were of different sizes, there are some 38 MM units and some 40 mm units, the 40s give more brake power, the R75s and 80 had 38s. The R100 units and later (75 – 76) and R90S had 40s. So look at the cylinders, it is stamped on there some where. You can’t go by colors, some are silver, some black, the blue anodized ones were 40s probably they came on the 77-79RS.

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