Re-Gearing an R80/7

Charles Bachmann, writes:

Hi Airheads,

I am a fairly new owner of a 1978 R80/7. It is a great, fun bike. However, I find that at speeds over about 60 mph, the thing turns higher rpm’s than I would like. I am considering going to a higher gearing.

Thanks for any feedback/advice!

Charles Bachmann
Raleigh, NC

I know how you feel. I’ll bet you’re always looking for 6th gear.

A 37/11 drive is the same that came on my ’74 R60/6. At 60 mph I’m showing at least 4000 rpm. Kinda high. But it’s only a R60. On the other hand, it’s the same drive that came on my ’83 R80RT. This was not acceptable to me. I replaced the 37/11(3.36:1) with the next higher-up 32/10 (3.20:1) from an R75/5. The drive housing has a different look & design, but everything fits fine. It was better, but still too revvy for me. Unlike you though, the ’83 R80 has lower compression than your ’78, therefore less horsepower too. I dare not try a higher drive because I have already lost a fair chunk of power.

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